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Quotation, Order Entry and Customer Management Demo

Preparing and keeping track of customer quotations can be a time consuming and error prone activity with a lot of time wasted on back and forth telephone calls. This application not only simplifies the process but also keeps a database of past quotes which can be copied, modified and searched. Since the entire application is on-line, sales people can access the app from the road or home and participate in the quotation process. The process is also transparent to authorized in-house users so that all can see the current state of a customer quote.

Typically, a customer calls or faxes in a Request for Quotation. The information is then transcribed onto a company form or a file for the quote is initiated. Already you can see the trend. Each step of the process requires company personnel to expend valuable time, often doing nothing more than copying information from one piece of paper to another. This application aims to take as much wasted time and friction out of the process as possible. If information need be entered, it should only be done one time. If the customer has web access and email, everything from RFQ to Order Confirmation can be done on-line. Still the system is flexible enough to accomodate a hybrid approach which mixes on and off line communication. In any event, all material relating to the quote, including drawing and document files can be stored in a database with easy on-line accessibility afforded to authorized persons.

Log on as "asales" with password "pppppp" to use the site from the managing companies point of view or as "acustomer" with the same password to see it as one of your customers would. While logged on as "asales" you may enter products, services, customers, quotations and orders as you wish.

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