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Web Based Team and Athlete Registration

This demo is based on an appliction which is currently being used by several schools to register runners for cross country meets. These meets involve up to 250 teams with thousands of participating runners.

Even in smaller events the paperwork involved can be a nightmare. Forms are mailed to prospective entrants, the coaches fill out the forms and return them, and then volunteers labor for hours to transcribe the paper entries into some sort of application or database - trying to make sure that there are as few mistakes as possible. Invariably, coaches have last minute changes which are faxed in and these changes must then be hand entered.

Using this registration application, only one piece of paper need be mailed - an instruction sheet giving the coach a web-site to go to along with their userid and password. After that, each coach does the data entry for their team, saving you days of mind numbing effort. The data can then be made available to the race manager in any of a variety of formats. As shown, the application outputs web tables or comma separated value (CSV) files which are suitable for direct import into a number of databases.

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